VRBO.com (Vacation Rental by Owner) there is a $349 yearly advertising charge
Multiple Listing Service of Santa Barbara (MLS)


  • Show the property to all guests regarding Nightly, Weekly or Monthly reservations.

  • Supply all rental documents and applications. (If over a 30-day period or when applicable).

  • Obtain reference & credit checks for all potential guests staying 30 days or more (if applicable).

  • Collect all rents and security deposits.

  • Regarding the guest insurance policy during their stay. We use a VRBO “Property Protection Plan”. The GUESTS retain this policy at their expense. This plan covers both the owner and the guest for any unforeseen issues. We use this plan in lieu of a cash security deposit.

  • Any “cash” security deposits will be transferred to the owner.

  • Monthly rental income can be may be payable in the form of “auto deposit” or we can send you check to you directly.

  • Provide the owner with a monthly accounting statement outlining the detailed activity.

  • We are available to our guests and property owner via cell phone or e-mail 7 days a week.

  • A periodic walk thru of the property will be completed by management on a monthly basis or as needed depending on the frequency of move-in/ move-out traffic. In addition, our cleaning company informs us of anything that needs attention or replaced according to our inventory check list. Owner to be made aware if there is a replacement requirement on items due to normal ware and tare or accident. Pictures shall be provided when applicable for any damaged items (optional).

  • The appropriate supplies will be stocked at all times, i.e. (toilet paper, towels, trash bags, etc.)

  • Management has a close relationship with licensed and insured professionals to ensure property is maintained at all times. (Plumbing, electric, painting and handyman).

  • Optional for tax purposes and payment of bed tax when applicable. We recommend an accounting firm of which we already have an ongoing relationship with to service your account once we are actively booking your property on a regular bases. Fees are available upon request.

Monthly Management fee: 15% of Gross income per month (Negotiable and subject to change). There is an additional charge of $35 per hour for any preparation prior to placing on the open market. This would be discussed further after determining what is needed for the property in order to move forward with rental. Our management fee’s start at time of receiving reservations and monies have been collected.

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