Our services can provide you with peace of mind, knowing your property is being well cared for during your time away. Cambria will provide full inspection of your home, or boat on a weekly, on call or emergencies basis. We will be your eyes and ears and tend to all of your property's needs.

​​​Our full-service HOME AWAY CARE includes the following:

  • Collect your mail
  • Check toilet supply lines
  • Flush toilets
  • Check shower heads for leaking
  • Check under sink plumbing
  • Check all windows
  • Check all doors
  • Check for bug and pest problems
  • Refrigerator function check
  • Run dishwasher
  • Monitor function of furnace or air conditioner
  • Change filters
  • Check water heater
  • Exterior walk around
  • Inspect for vandalism, damage or forced entry
  • Check landscape and pool
  • Secure patio or deck furniture if needed
  • Respond 24/7 to security alarms if needed
  • Meet deliveries if needed
  • Provide access to contractors if needed
  • Start your car as needed
  • And much more

Services also available for your:

  • Vehicle or Boat

If there is something we’ve missed or something you would like us to do, just ask!


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